Growth continues for Vantage busway

The premium Vantage bus service in Manchester saw passenger growth of 9,000 more passengers every week in September, resulting in 12,500 less car journeys being made, according First Manchester.

To meet increased demand, additional journeys have been added onto the V3 and V4 services with 27 buses now scheduled to arrive in the regional centre between 0700 and 0900.

“We’re pleased that Vantage continues to be a success and that people are opting to travel by bus, as opposed to driving into the city centre,” says Ian Humphreys, managing director, First Manchester. “We’re also proud that we now offer contactless as a payment method on board all of our Greater Manchester fleet, including Vantage. The introduction of contactless payments alongside our success with mobile ticketing means that paying for bus travel is more convenient and simpler than ever before and we’ve already seen eight per cent of customers making a switch to contactless. If more customers switched from cash to a digital payment method, then this would help to speed up bus boarding times and will therefore make overall journeys quicker.”

Roger Jones, Salford City Council, adds: “The Vantage busway service has been a tremendous success since it was launched and continues to grow. 12,500 fewer car journeys on that stretch of road each week due to the scheme is an impressive figure and improves journey times for everyone.”

The 4.5-mile bus-only guideway between Leigh, Tyldesley and Ellenbrook is part of TfGM’s £122million investment package to deliver faster, more punctual and more reliable bus services across the region.