Record CNG bus order for Iveco

Thirty seven Iveco Crossway gas-powered coaches have been ordered by Beltrame Group, and will be delivered to Dracénie Regional Council agglomeration (DPVA) by the end of 2019.

“We chose to renew our fleet with natural gas vehicles to protect the environment and to meet energy transition legislation,” says Frédéric Decompte, DPVA’s transport director. “These vehicles will be used in the 23 towns that make up the region.”

DPVA operates 11 coaches itself and the balance are run by Beltrame Group. “We now have more than 270 coaches and buses, of which 60 are for the sole use of the Region. With this order, more than 80% of Dracénie’s fleet will be powered by natural gas,” adds Anthony Beltrame, group CEO.

A further six Crossway low-entry gas buses will be delivered in April 2019. These will be the first Crossway LE CNG buses to operate in France.

In total, Beltrame Group will be adding 80 vehicles to its fleet, including four Daily Blue Powers which will be assigned for use in towns and to on-demand transport.

In association with Pizzorno, Beltrame Group will install a CNG station that will also fuel the region’s CNG trucks.

The Crossway NP has a total methane capacity of 1,260-litre (4 x 315-litre tanks), the vehicle has a range of up to 600km, with rapid or slow filling.

The Cursor 9 NP engine delivers the same power (360hp) and torque (265kW) as its diesel equivalent. Iveco claims that its Crossway NP offers the lowest total cost of ownership in its class, thanks to its natural gas Cursor engine, service intervals are 50 per cent longer than those of a diesel vehicle.

Beltrame Group currently has a fleet of 270 coaches and buses and employs around 270 people. The majority of its fleet is less than five years old.

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