Approved commercial vehicle wheel alignment solutions from JOSAM

The Josam Cam-aligner  provides the necessary equipment to perform quick and accurate wheel alignment measurements with documentation, according to the supplier, AES UK.

The system is designed to make it easy to measure and adjust all vehicle configurations including dynamic steering-enabled vehicles. It also has the functionality to perform calibration of the FLS/LPOS sensors without a road test.

The flexible system can be used to measure all types of commercial vehicles including buses and coaches.

AES points out that being able to calibrate the ADAS (LPOS & FLS) without having to drive the vehicle has a number of advantages, including only one operator being required, avoiding traffic jams and bad road conditions, and simple positioning for calibrating with Tech Tool.

Measuring caster, KPI and turn angles is based on a single continuous movement of the wheels, from a straight-ahead position to maximum left, via maximum right and back to the starting position. During this procedure the built-in gyroscope and inclinometer transmit data to the computer, which calculates the caster, KPI and turn angles in different wheel positions. The entire process can be carried out in a matter of minutes, says AES.

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