Ticketer launches new multi-operator passenger app ‘Kazoot’

Ticketer is launching a new passenger app, Kazoot, at Coach & Bus UK, claiming to be the UK’s first national, multi-operator passenger app, built to address the needs of both the passenger and the operator. Passengers can plan, pay and travel using a single, free app offering a national view of bus and other modes of travel.

Ticketer says that Kazoot puts operators’ own Ticketer system data in the hands of the passenger, making it arguably the most reliable source of multi-operator bus information currently available.

“We are very excited to be launching Kazoot with its simple premise: to remove barriers to public transport and help passengers access the best transport services to meet their needs through a single app,” says John Clarfelt, Ticketer managing director. “Instead of needing multiple apps running in order to access all the various options, users now just need to download Kazoot for everything they need.

“Kazoot is the multi-operator app that gives operators all the benefits typically associated with a dedicated app. It is an exciting new tool that enables them to work together to collectively compete against other forms of transport by demonstrating that bus travel can be accessible, visible and convenient whilst retaining access to the ticket sales data they would expect through their own app.”

Beta testing of multi-operator bus ticket retail is also about to commence. Kazoot passengers will be able to buy mobile tickets for any participating operator, giving them travel freedom and removing a barrier to public transport use.

“We have already started working on new features for Kazoot that we will be able to demonstrate at CBUK,” adds Clarfelt.


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