Time for glass repairs, says Esprit

Time for glass repairs, says Esprit

With summer now past, glass repair specialist Esprit points out that it is time to get vehicles checked and ready for the coming colder months.

“It is important now to start checking your windscreens for damage as the cold and damp weather creeps in,” says a spokesperson for Esprit. “Moisture can penetrate breaks in glass, causing de-lamination, and of course can cause windscreens to crack.

“The repair process is straightforward, the main skills required are patience and observation.” 

Esprit offers free courses at its training school in Staffordshire for those operators who purchase a repair kit. Training can also be provided at an operator’s premises for an additional fee.

Esprit argues that repairs provide a real benefit to operators by minimising vehicle downtime. “A vehicle can be back on the road in under 30 minutes,” adds the spokesperson. “Additionally doing your own repairs will cost just £2 in consumables per stone chip.”

The complete Elite Dual Voltage kit has everything that is needed to start repairing, and includes 35-40 repairs’ worth of consumables. This compares very favourably to the cost of contracting out glass repairs and replacing screens, adds Esprit, including the added inconvenience of recalibrating CCTV cameras on modern vehicles. 

The Esprit windscreen repair system meets BS AU 251:1994 which ensures that repairs have been tested for strength, durability and optical performance.

For those operators who have bought a kit in the past and left it unused, Esprit suggests considering training for new staff, and if the kit is old and worn out with broken or missing parts Esprit can upgrade or part-exchange for a new one.