ZF Intarder productions tops a million

ZF has just manufactured its one millionth Intarder system which it says has contributed to preventing the emission of around 60,000 tonnes of brake dust.

The ZF-Intarder is integrated into the transmission and assumes 90 per cent of all braking without involving the service brake and thereby increases safety, saves material and protects the environment, according to the company.

“The ZF-Intarder fulfils several requirements simultaneously: it increases comfort and safety, lowers maintenance costs and improves environmental compatibility,” says Winfried Gründler, ZF Commercial Vehicle Technology Division.

ZF says that the Intarder’s 4,000 Nm brake torque which is available within one second, can decelerate a 38-tonne vehicle with 816bhp downhill. In addition to increased safety, the system also reduces wear to brake disks and linings and maintenance costs. Drivers also benefit by setting the desired speed using cruise control and the transmission takes over the downhill drive and activation of the Intarder. 

ZF’s first integrated retarder for commercial vehicles and coaches was produced in 1992, and it presented the third generation at the 2008 IAA Commercial Vehicles. “Thanks to high demand, ZF has been able to almost double production capacity in the last eight years,” adds Gründler. “After the start of volume production, it took 16 years to reach half a million Intarders in 2008. Just eight years later, we have been able to make the jump to one million.”