Engineering Management System designed specifically for bus operators

The Engineering Management System from EPM is a suite of tools designed to save operators time, prevent breakdowns, and ultimately maintain high reliability and quality of services. The software package is designed specifically for the bus industry with the DVSA in mind, and has been developed in collaboration with major UK operators. The system functionality includes an Engineering Diary to manage the maintenance schedule, defect cards, stock management, job costing and Vehicle: Fuel and Miles, which has been used by the industry for many years and underpins both BSOG and tyre leasing returns.

The EMS system is modular, enabling one or a combination of the modules to be deployed and the system can be integrated with third party systems.

Recent system developments provide interfaces from vehicle telematics systems which enables importing of mileage data into EMS to calculate the fuel consumption factor for BSOG claims, submit tyre leasing returns and provide vehicle performance analysis, rather than using the traditional cab or hub odometer readings. 

This can provide a number of efficiencies, according to EPM, particularly where operators are recording and entering manual odometer readings. It also negates the cost of replacing odometer units or calibrating ‘on board devices’ that record mileage through electronic fuel systems, saving time, labour and ultimately money.