Coaches recognised in London strategy

Coaches recognised in London strategy Coaches recognised in London strategy
A series of coach hubs around London are proposed by Boris Johnson in his Mayor’s Transport Strategy, as a way of providing easier access to the coach network. These would complement terminal facilities in the central area. The MTS also proposes setting coach parking standards at major venues.

While strongly critical of aspects of last year’s draft of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, CPT has offered the final document a qualified welcome. Says chief executive Simon Posner: “The strategy recognises the importance coach travel contributes to transport in London. There are considerable changes to the coach section since the publication of the mayor’s consultation last year. Many of these reflect CPT’s formal submission to the mayor and our meeting with his director for transport policy, Kulveer Ranger in October.

“We are pleased that the strategy has taken notice of a number of the issues we raised and recognises the important contribution coach operators play in providing part of London’s transport solution. We also welcome the fact that it recognises the need to help particularly operators who provide private hire or charter services with locations to easily pick up and set down passengers easily. This highlights the importance of providing suitable parking so drivers can take their legally required breaks.

“It is now important that the mayor puts pressure on local authorities to work with the coach industry to provide the appropriate facilities. UK coach operators are important contributors to London’s economy bringing in over half a million people to the capital every week – even more during peak tourist weeks. For us to be able to continue to grow, we need to see this investment made by the local authorities.”

On bus issues the MTS confirms the continuation of the Borismaster project, and plans for more bus priorities and tougher bus lane enforcement. However it is noteworthy that the section of the MTS devoted to cycling is twice as long as that covering buses.


Photo: CPT chief executive Simon Posner.