Electric Volvo at UITP

Electric Volvo at UITP Volvo to launch electric bus trial in Gothenburg this month.

Volvo’s electric bus was on display at the UITP show in Milan this week. The electric bus is currently on trial in Gothenburg ahead of a public launch event this month, and Volvo says that it plans series production of all-electric Volvo buses in 2017.

“The fully electric bus completes our electromobility range,” says Håkan Agnevall, president, Volvo Buses. “Together, the hybrid, electric hybrid and electric buses enable customers to cover all different aspects of sustainable city mobility. This rapid development is based on our determination to help solving one of the greatest challenges faced by mankind; environmental sustainability. We believe that one of the most basic needs in society, moving around freely in our cities, should be clean and silent, feeling like a journey towards a sustainable future.”

Three all-electric buses and seven electric hybrids, all Volvos, will serve a new bus route (55) between the campuses of Lindholmen and Chalmers and run through the centre of Gothenburg. All vehicles are equipped with battery packs that can be quick-charged with renewable electricity at the end terminals.