In-coach TV with new Freesat system

In-coach TV with new Freesat system In-coach TV with new Freesat system
A new Freesat service for coaches has been launched by Norfolk-based manufacturer of satellite and terrestrial TV reception products Maxview,

The company says that its new Dome system is the first, in-motion satellite system specifically aimed at the bus and coach market.

Maxview have been a specialist in the caravan and motorhome market with its omni-directional aerial and it is now working with Freesat, the joint venture, not-for-profit company, jointly owned by the BBC and ITV, as a manufacturer partner, specifically for the mobile market.

The Freesat service offers more than 140 digital channels with no contract and no subscription, as well as digital radio stations, high definition programs, and full ‘Red Button’ services and subtitles.
“For years bus and coach operators have been frustrated that a directional or omni-directional terrestrial TV aerial could not provide the free-to-air TV channels,” says Steven May, Maxview digital switchover specialist.

“Now with a roof-mounted dome system and the Freesat platform broadcasting 140 channels, free-to-air television entertainment on the move is now a reality for most operators. And you don’t need a subscription or a contract. This is the first time TV becomes truly free on the move.”

The New Maxview Omnisat Dome has the equivalent of a 60cm dish located inside the enclosed dome which has a total height of 355mm. Maxview says that this keeps the profile on the roof low, whilst maximising the performance and convenience of an automatic system.

The Dome system receiver is pre set to align to the Astra 2 group of satellites for the best selection of free-to-air UK channels and other satellites can be easily searched for using the remote control.

The most popular TV channels are pre-programmed into the receiver at the top of the channel listing.
The  system will enable travellers to watch BBC and ITV events such as high definition World Cup football this summer.

The Omnisat In-Motion Dome costs £1,599, including the free-to-air satellite receiver and orientation system.