Manchester M60 fares cut

Manchester M60 fares cut Manchester M60 fares cut
First Manchester is cutting fares on many of its services from this weekend. Lower fares will be charged on routes inside the M60 ring road, and in Oldham which lies just outside the M60.

The new FirstDayM60 ticket will cost £3.90, compared with £4.50 for a system-wide FirstDay ticket, while a FirstWeekM60 will be £13 against £18 for the existing FirstWeek ticket.

Dave Alexander, First's regional managing director, says: “This is great news for many bus users in Greater Manchester and shows First’s commitment to growing the number of people who use buses in the region. We have listened to our customers who have asked for financial incentives to use the bus more often. By saving as much as £5 a week, people will have extra money in their pockets that can be spent somewhere else in the local economy.

“We will monitor the success of this massive fares promotion and if popular with our customers then we will consider rolling it out to other parts of the First bus network in Greater Manchester.”