New Genuius system from Look

New Genuius system from Look New Genuius system from Look
LOOK CCTV, part of Synectics Mobile Systems, has launched Genius, a fully-customisable journey management system. The company says that the new system offers bus and coach operators the ability to improve passenger comfort and reduce vehicle wear and tear and operating costs. Bus operators using Genius have reported fuel savings of around 4.5 per cent, according to Look.

The Genius journey management system automatically collects real-time vehicle and driver data including excessive vehicle movement, acceleration and braking. Utilising an integrated GPS module, inbuilt accelerometer, and mobile communications technology, data is collected to produce a route hazard and driver behaviour analysis for each trip.

Genius can also be readily customised by the bus and coach operator to be automatically triggered when the vehicle exceeds specific vehicle movement and performance thresholds. Incidents are reported instantly to the Genius system.

The system’s cab-mounted, LED green, amber and red indicators give the vehicle driver  immediate feedback on their driving performance to assist drivers in maintaining the most fuel-efficient way of driving. Based on GPS data, route adherence with GPS Waypoints can be monitored remotely along with speed and location.  Optionally, a Driver ID key fob can be used with the system to identify the driver and prevent vehicle start-up in the absence of the key fob.

In addition to vehicle fuel savings, Look says that a major benefit of the Genius system is remote health check monitoring of the vehicle’s CCTV system.  It can be configured to automatically notify Look’s helpdesk, via text messaging, that the system is recording and all cameras are functioning, or a fault has been detected.

”The Genius journey management system brings a new dimension to driver and passenger safety,” says Charles Goodier, Look sales director. “It compliments the security offered by our leading edge T1000 and X200 CCTV systems, with the ability to pro-actively improve passenger comfort and driving standards.

“And, of course, with the added benefit of reducing vehicle wear and tear, as well as, fuel consumption.”