Stephen Morris to step down from Bus Users

Stephen Morris to step down from Bus Users

Stephen Morris has stepped down as Bus Users’ deputy chief executive, having joined the organisation in 2000, specifically to turn the organisation’s newsletter into a published magazine. Becoming increasingly involved in policy issues and day-to-day management at Bus Users, Morris joined the full-time staff in 2007 and became general manager in 2008.

Following the appointment of Claire Walters as chief executive in 2012, Morris was deputy chief executive, taking a lead in policy development and in establishing Bus Users role as the national enforcement body for complaints in Great Britain outside London.

“Public transport is the future and the bus has a vital role to play,” says Morris. “With proper investment, buses can rejuvenate town centres, reduce congestion and pollution, build social inclusion, boost the economy and offer a genuine alternative to the car.

“For many people the bus is a lifeline and I am proud to have worked for the only national organisation dedicated to giving bus passengers a voice.”

Claire Walters adds: “Stephen has been a driving force behind Bus Users and has made a huge contribution to the industry generally. He’s been a passionate advocate of bus passengers and of bus travel and we hope to benefit from his knowledge and expertise long into the future.”